Adebola’s Weight Loss Story

Adebola’s Weight Loss Story

Six months ago I signed up for the Lifestyle Change With Dr Dee. After my first son I was struggling with belly fat and couldn’t fit into my clothes. I had to gradually change my wardrobe.

My husband was complaining about my body weight as if it was not our baby that made me put on excess weight (though i know i have bad eating habit). I tried many weight loss programs: dieting, fasting, living on fruit, green tea and the gym, it all failed. In my frustration,  I got pregnant again and our second child came; another boy??.

This time, it was worse because life became hectic. I had to take care of two boys (if you have two baby boys you can imagine my pain) and I had to go to work. I failed at losing weight when I had just one son and no job. How will I succeed with two sons and a 7 am to 5 pm job, driving home in traffic and with an husband that wants to eat home made food.

I told myself, I just gonna be like this and bow to being fat. Then I went to family reunion party in July 2016 and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My sister that was wearing size 20 was now wearing size 12. Wow!!??. What happened to you? How did you do this? I asked ten questions in 10 seconds. She referred me to Dr Dee. I forgot all about the party and I started chatting with Dr Dee. I told him how hectic my life is, I asked if he has a program for someone with no time to exercise. Dee, the weight loss genius calculated my body fat percentage and described what I looked like without seeing me or my picture. I signed up the same day??.

When I got home I told my husband, he was like you acted too fast, I replied ‘ It’s my money and if my sister got it right I will ‘. Six months later I am looking awesome, and have learnt a new way of living. Thanks Dr Dee, for those listening ears. Thanks for pushing me, thanks for loving me???.-Mrs Adebola.

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