Some Questions You Might Want Answers To

Do you offer a 3 person plan?

Partner plans are for 2 individuals. To select this plan type you must provide your partners full name and email and it comes with a 15% discount of total payment.

Do I Have to Use a Gym in Order to be Successful on this Program

No. We are famous for helping people lose weight without using the gym. The gm is not the difference maker. If workouts are needed, our plans are flexible and customized to each member permitting for workouts that can be performed in various settings etc home or workplace.

I do not have a traditional work schedule or in a conventional job setting, will this program work for me?

Many of our members have different circumstances and work in all kinds of job fields and achieve great results by applying our principles with great effort. We give you the tools you need to see results.

I’m small or slim and would like to gain weight/put on muscle, do you offer plans to help put on size and weight?

We offer plans for everyone! Our program will be tailored to your fitness goals helping you shed weight or add size to the right areas as you transform into your best self.

I Live Far From You Can I Still Signup?

Absolutely. Location is not a problem, we have members from different part of the world on the program and we are making it work. All communications are virtual, no matter where you are located if you have access to your email account , whatsapp, or SMS we can work with you.

Do You Give Meal Plans For Weigh Loss

Yes if you insist that you want one, but that is not the secret of our success. If we sell you meal plans, they may not be foods you love to eat, or eat at a particular time. What we help you do is eat whatever you love at the right time. We call it Meal Tracking.

Can I Pay in Installments?

Absolutely. The Lifestyle Change Program is a one-off payment but we allow two installments on request. 1st payment on signing up and the next within 30 days. Exception to this is our 30 days program

What Are My Options of Making Payments?

Depending on your location, you can pay via Mobile Mobile,  Money Gram or Western Union.

What Happens After Making Payments?

Send us a receipt through Whatsapp +233575096262, sms or email (dr.dee@1000fitness.com or 1000fitness.dee@gmail.com). Once payment is confirmed, you’ll be contacted and be signed up within 24 to 48 working days.

What Happens After The Lifestyle Change Program

This is a lifestyle change, it is a way of living you can effortlessly maintain when you are done with the program. You keep the new lifestyle.

What Happens If I Do Not Achieve My Weight Loss Goal

This rarely happens, however if you do not achieve within the recommended duration Dr Dee gave you, we offer existing members to pay as you go for $30 monthly till their goals are reached. However, this is for clients that signed up for the recommended duration.

For clients that get pregnant, we change their program to the pregnancy plan.

What Will I Be Restricted From Eating

Absolutely Nothing!!! Life style change with Dr Dee is not a diet program built around starvation or restricted foods. The reason many fail on weight loss programs is because of restrictions, their freedom is taken away from them. As much as we will teach you to eat healthily, we will also teach you HOW to eat all you have always eaten and still lose weight. Some that love alcoholic beverages still take it. Our clients pride in the freedom our programs allow.

No pills , No fat burner, all natural.

What is The Refund Policy?

We do not give refunds on the Lifestyle Change with Dr Dee. On occasions where clients get pregnant, we easily change their program to the pregnancy plan. All transactions are final and we don’t give a refund.

Can I Ask More Questions

Sure you can, write us here


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