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When I meet people theessayclub comt have tired different diet programs and the gym all in the bit to lose weight and the only story they have to share is failure, I really feel their pain. When I draw them close to tell them about Lifestyle change with Dr Dee, they respond swiftly,

‘oh I know what it is about, you are going to tell me to stop taking sugar, fizzy drinks, alcohol and pastries, then eat more veggies and I will lose weight’.

That is the usual reply I get.

But Hell No!!

I look into their eyes and tell them , you are going to eat all that and still lose weight, then I see that look of bewilderment that I’m now used to.

Hey friend, Lifestyle change with Dr Dee is not a diet program built around starvation or restricted foods. The reason many fail on weight loss programs is because of restrictions, their freedom is taken away from them and humans are wired to reject any form of restriction.

As much as our Lifestyle Change will teach you to eat healthily, you will also be taught HOW to eat all you have always eaten and still lose weight. Our clients that love ice cream or alcoholic beverages still take them during and after our lifestyle change program. They pride in the freedom our program allows.

No pills , No fat burner, all natural.

You may ask, ‘what exactly Happens after Payment?’

• Online consultation to determine your current activity levels, body fat percentage and lifestyle.

*A laboratory cellulites scan on your pictures to determine the cellulites beneath your skin

• A practical and effective weight loss plan tailored specifically to you, and may never work for another.

* A specific meal tracking formula that will aid weight loss and that incorporates all you eat.

• If workout is needed, we will give a workout system (you won’t need a gym) and guidance to complement your lifestyle and achieve your health goals.

* Accountability from the day you sign up till your goals are achieved.

* Constant support and advice all through the period to help keep you on track and motivated.

* Every two days check-in to review your progress.

* Speedy response to queries.

* A meal guide with a specified nutritional plan for you! We will help you learn how to meal prep which is a crucial ingredient of the success you will achieve during our program. We will tell you when its time to make any adjustments to your food, so no more guess work or wondering what to eat.

* How to maintain a desired body weight forever.

* Medical advice .

Our online service spans from 3 to 9 months depending on your weight, your goal and our recommendations.


ViP Lifestyle Change With Dr. Dee

Lose 5 kg in 4 weeks, it costs 590 Cedi/ $120 Comes with One Phase , One Cellulite Scan review.

Lose 9kg in 8 weeks, it costs 700 Cedi/ $145. It Comes with Two Phases and Monthly Cellulite Scan review.

Lose 14kg in 12 weeks, it costs 900 Cedi or $195. It Comes with Three Phases and Monthly Cellulite Scan review.

Lose 18kg in 16 weeks/4 months, it costs 1150ghc or $240. It Comes with Four Phases and Monthly Cellulite Scan review.

Lose 28kg or more in 6 months, it costs 1,650 Cedi or $340. It comes with Six Phases and Monthly Cellutite Scan review

Difference between Urban and VIP:

VIP works on a Fast Track method and they are all assigned to the Famous Dr. Dee.
Urban clients are assigned to consultants on random.
Urban gets cellulite scan done once. VIP gets cellulite scan done twice.

PCOS and diabetic patients or anyone with such medical history must be a VIP client, and are assigned to Dr. Dee.

**Talk to us about discount prices for 9 months program.**

if you wish to pay in another currency, please convert the price in dollar to your preferred currency (black market rate apply)

 Sign up today, send us a message via whatsapp +233575096262  for payment details or use the contact page

Please note that while we strive to help every person that has a desire to be a part of our team, you MUST BE OF THE LEGAL AGE OF 18 to purchase any plans under the Lifestyle Change Program.

We guarantee success for each individual that follows the plan exactly! We ask that you trust our process knowing that we are experts with many years of experience and that our passion is to see the lives changed. This process is not a quick fix. We created the plan for our clients to make changes that will last a lifetime. If you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, we suggest getting a plan for a longer amount of time.  This will ensure that you have our help in getting you to a place that is comfortable for you.

We are excited to have you be a part of our team and to share your success with your friends and family.  Welcome to the leading team.

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