Sandra’s Weight loss Story

Sandra’s Weight loss Story

I am Sandra, a mother of 3 children, at the age of 45. Some where last year, I called Dr Dee an said to him, ‘I want to look 21 again.’ ???? . This because i was slim and sexy at 21. 

To my surprise he replied ‘it is possible’, he said just give me just give me 6 months of your life.

I was like what!!! that is too long. Dr Dee went on to explain that his program is not a quick fix but a  lifestyle change. I understood ‘that I didn’t add all the fat in one year, it took several years. So it won’t disappear in one month.’

After the long talk, I signed up ??? .

Now she is over the moon!! ????‍♀?‍♀ In 5 months of sunlight dedication, 25 kg of fat cried and melted away like butter. I have One month to the end of this program but I am sexy and hot already.

Lifestyle change program taught me discipline , gave me motivation and a new lif all together. Thank 1000 Fitness.


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