Adjoa’s Weight Loss Story

Adjoa’s Weight Loss Story

I have been following on Instagram for some months before I finally decided to join the LifeStyleChangeWithDrdee.  Before then, I’d tried a couple of programs but I wasn’t satisfied because the little results only lasted a couple of weeks so I decided I wasn’t going to waste my hard-earned money on trying to lose weight again. However, one fateful morning the ‘LifestyleChange’ in LifeStyleChangeWithDrdee  hit me and I decided to get in touch with Dee with the subject of the e-mail ‘Lifestyle Change’. Following that mail, I had my first telephone conversation with Dee and it was indeed eye-opening, He literally showed me a picture of how I’d been living my unhealthy life and enjoying it and why it was important for me to change that lifestyle. So at size 22 (102 kg), I signed up. At the beginning, it was TOUGH and REALLY HARD, especially since I’d never done any form of workout but with the strong support system of Dr Dee (kisses man) I kept moving and I haven’t looked back ever since. 5 months down the line, I’m now size 14, 22 kg down and still on top of my game. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they don’t believe that I lost this amount of weight without pills or supplements, in response, I just smiled  but the truth is, hard work and consistency pays if only the PROCESS CAN BE TRUSTED. PS: Now I can make yummy, fun and beautiful but healthy meals, thanks to Dr Dee : ’we eat to lose weight’. – Adjoa


Hanna’s Weight Loss Story

Hanna’s Weight Loss Story

When looking to lose weight, there are endless diets program, workout classes, trainers, and fitness books out there that one can get confused. This mom-of-two Hanna is living proof that @1000.Fitness is the place to get help.

After reading so many success stories about 1000 Fitness, I signed up. I also did what i read in one of their success stories; I bought the clothes I wish to fit into at the end of the program.

At the end of my 6 months program I called Dr Dee for the first time, we had been chatting for six months , but I never called him (He was my crush). I was jumping all over my room, I was screaming ‘I did it, i finally lost 30.6 kg.’

As the excitement went on, I started crying, and I told Dr Dee how being overweight broke my marriage. How my husband ran to the thighs of a slim sexy lady because I did not care about myself. It has been years of pain, but the last six months has been months of revenge. I was broke , but I had to get a soft loan from a friend he money to sign up for the program. It was worth it.

Now I am set for dinners and parties. Let the dates start rolling in. I don’t want my ex-husband back, I want a better man.

Hey!! you reading my story, you must want it bad enough, get professional help so can do it the right way and focus your energy. Hanna, USA


Adebola’s Weight Loss Story

Adebola’s Weight Loss Story

Six months ago I signed up for the Lifestyle Change With Dr Dee. After my first son I was struggling with belly fat and couldn’t fit into my clothes. I had to gradually change my wardrobe.

My husband was complaining about my body weight as if it was not our baby that made me put on excess weight (though i know i have bad eating habit). I tried many weight loss programs: dieting, fasting, living on fruit, green tea and the gym, it all failed. In my frustration,  I got pregnant again and our second child came; another boy??.

This time, it was worse because life became hectic. I had to take care of two boys (if you have two baby boys you can imagine my pain) and I had to go to work. I failed at losing weight when I had just one son and no job. How will I succeed with two sons and a 7 am to 5 pm job, driving home in traffic and with an husband that wants to eat home made food.

I told myself, I just gonna be like this and bow to being fat. Then I went to family reunion party in July 2016 and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My sister that was wearing size 20 was now wearing size 12. Wow!!??. What happened to you? How did you do this? I asked ten questions in 10 seconds. She referred me to Dr Dee. I forgot all about the party and I started chatting with Dr Dee. I told him how hectic my life is, I asked if he has a program for someone with no time to exercise. Dee, the weight loss genius calculated my body fat percentage and described what I looked like without seeing me or my picture. I signed up the same day??.

When I got home I told my husband, he was like you acted too fast, I replied ‘ It’s my money and if my sister got it right I will ‘. Six months later I am looking awesome, and have learnt a new way of living. Thanks Dr Dee, for those listening ears. Thanks for pushing me, thanks for loving me???.-Mrs Adebola.

Sandra’s Weight loss Story

Sandra’s Weight loss Story

I am Sandra, a mother of 3 children, at the age of 45. Some where last year, I called Dr Dee an said to him, ‘I want to look 21 again.’ ???? . This because i was slim and sexy at 21. 

To my surprise he replied ‘it is possible’, he said just give me just give me 6 months of your life.

I was like what!!! that is too long. Dr Dee went on to explain that his program is not a quick fix but a  lifestyle change. I understood ‘that I didn’t add all the fat in one year, it took several years. So it won’t disappear in one month.’

After the long talk, I signed up ??? .

Now she is over the moon!! ????‍♀?‍♀ In 5 months of sunlight dedication, 25 kg of fat cried and melted away like butter. I have One month to the end of this program but I am sexy and hot already.

Lifestyle change program taught me discipline , gave me motivation and a new lif all together. Thank 1000 Fitness.


Vivian’s Weight Loss Story

Vivian’s Weight Loss Story

Vivian’s Weight Loss Story

Trying to control my weight had been a struggle for as long as I can remember . I was a “well fed “ baby, you see that toddler who always has a bottle of milk ….that was me.

When i was in college, being a size 14 I vividly remember arguing with my friend that I couldn’t get any bigger. She laughed and told me she’d remind me when I get bigger . Sadly she got her chance .

I’ve tried quite a number of diets (including the very low calorie diets with soups, fat burner and shakes ), I’d lose some Kilos but they always seemed to go find more friends and settle right back in, so I almost gave up.

Early last year at a nice, round size 22 I decided to give weight loss one more try and if it didn’t work , well I figured that meant God wanted me to remain well fed. As luck would have it ,around that time my sister introduced me to Dr Dee but I must confess I didn’t think it would work especially when we calculated my BMI and I needed to lose 34 Kg (like that`s a whole person ). In my mind I was like ……never going to happen but then I thought ……let me just try .

Honestly Lifestyle Change With Dr Dee is the best and healthiest decision I’ve ever made. First thing I learnt was that it`s not about just weight loss but a lifestyle change, that way I’d be able to lose the weight steadily and most importantly keep the weight off after getting to my ideal weight . Initially I wasn’t easy, in fact many times I asked myself; you asked me to start this program, but with the support of my online coach I NEVER GAVE UP. I’ve been able to take it one day at a time and now I’m 24kg down ……Yay.

The Best part is i`m eating well …I love food yes I know. I’m not where I want to be, but I now I know it’s very possible ,I just need to stick to my lifestyle change journey and I’ll get there. Thanks Dee for helping me turn my life around, thanks. Mwahh


Thobile’s Weight loss Story

Thobile’s Weight Loss Story

I contacted Dr dee after I had tried many quick fix and diet programs. What first got my attention was the fact the his program spans from 3 to 9 months. That is hell of a long time, I said to myself ???.

I was size 18-20, I told Dr Dee I wanted to wear size 10 on my birthday that was coming up in 3 months. He frankly replied that it was impossible. ??? Oh I felt bad!! I thought he was going to say Yes and take the money and won’t care if I achieved my goal.

Among other reasons, that honesty was why I signed up. ‘He told me you are going to be on my 9 months program’, I nodded with hmm! For Nine months he was my friend (still friends) , and my personal online coach .

He was dedicated when I wasn’t, so dedicated as if I was doing it for him. He was what I didn’t see in my boyfriend. The journey was tough, I remember many times I almost gave up. Dee would wipe my ass with word and get me back on track.

Three months after, on my birthday, I looked better than my former self, but that was not the goal. I pushed it till the 9th month, Now, I mean today I am the sexiest girl on the block, wearing size 8. The goal was size 10, but Dr Dee pushed me to size 8.

I am pretty enough to steal anyone’s man (joking) ????.

Heart break and past failures pushed me to my success. 9 Months is over, Dr Dee is still helping me for free. Thank you Dee for everything??. Now I want to join your team of trainers. Will you employ me? ???


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