Thobile’s Weight loss Story

Thobile’s Weight Loss Story

I contacted Dr dee after I had tried many quick fix and diet programs. What first got my attention was the fact the his program spans from 3 to 9 months. That is hell of a long time, I said to myself ???.

I was size 18-20, I told Dr Dee I wanted to wear size 10 on my birthday that was coming up in 3 months. He frankly replied that it was impossible. ??? Oh I felt bad!! I thought he was going to say Yes and take the money and won’t care if I achieved my goal.

Among other reasons, that honesty was why I signed up. ‘He told me you are going to be on my 9 months program’, I nodded with hmm! For Nine months he was my friend (still friends) , and my personal online coach .

He was dedicated when I wasn’t, so dedicated as if I was doing it for him. He was what I didn’t see in my boyfriend. The journey was tough, I remember many times I almost gave up. Dee would wipe my ass with word and get me back on track.

Three months after, on my birthday, I looked better than my former self, but that was not the goal. I pushed it till the 9th month, Now, I mean today I am the sexiest girl on the block, wearing size 8. The goal was size 10, but Dr Dee pushed me to size 8.

I am pretty enough to steal anyone’s man (joking) ????.

Heart break and past failures pushed me to my success. 9 Months is over, Dr Dee is still helping me for free. Thank you Dee for everything??. Now I want to join your team of trainers. Will you employ me? ???


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  • April 2, 2017 at 4:21 am

    Wow I want to be a size 10


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