Vivian’s Weight Loss Story

Vivian’s Weight Loss Story

Trying to control my weight had been a struggle for as long as I can remember . I was a “well fed “ baby, you see that toddler who always has a bottle of milk ….that was me.

When i was in college, being a size 14 I vividly remember arguing with my friend that I couldn’t get any bigger. She laughed and told me she’d remind me when I get bigger . Sadly she got her chance .

I’ve tried quite a number of diets (including the very low calorie diets with soups, fat burner and shakes ), I’d lose some Kilos but they always seemed to go find more friends and settle right back in, so I almost gave up.

Early last year at a nice, round size 22 I decided to give weight loss one more try and if it didn’t work , well I figured that meant God wanted me to remain well fed. As luck would have it ,around that time my sister introduced me to Dr Dee but I must confess I didn’t think it would work especially when we calculated my BMI and I needed to lose 34 Kg (like that`s a whole person ). In my mind I was like ……never going to happen but then I thought ……let me just try .

Honestly Lifestyle Change With Dr Dee is the best and healthiest decision I’ve ever made. First thing I learnt was that it`s not about just weight loss but a lifestyle change, that way I’d be able to lose the weight steadily and most importantly keep the weight off after getting to my ideal weight . Initially I wasn’t easy, in fact many times I asked myself; you asked me to start this program, but with the support of my online coach I NEVER GAVE UP. I’ve been able to take it one day at a time and now I’m 24kg down ……Yay.

The Best part is i`m eating well …I love food yes I know. I’m not where I want to be, but I now I know it’s very possible ,I just need to stick to my lifestyle change journey and I’ll get there. Thanks Dee for helping me turn my life around, thanks. Mwahh


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